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The worst app ever!


The worst app ever


WHAT A SCAM!! Do not pay for this junk.. What kinda person does that to someone? This app is a scam !!!

Not good please read

I did a picture with my with for a baby girl 8 times and every time it was different and some times Id didnt even have our facial features


Same baby faces no matter which faces you use

Do not buy this crap

This is a joke. It is not worth $2.99 and the babies look like aliens. I expected the results to look at least a little like me or my fiancé but its crap.

Apple remove this app!

Utterly bogus-not a single baby photo resulted in anything even remotely resembling the two uploaded pictures. If you attempt to make a baby enough times it simply starts rotating through the same baby picture. The "advanced face detection technology" (more accurately lack there of) isnt capable of race recognition. Input: 2 Asian parents, output: a white baby. I want my money back!

Dont waste your money

This app has pre loaded pictures if doesnt matter what picture you put in there it has the Same results

Zero stars!!!!!

Doesnt work. Dont waste your money.


There are only a couple of faces for the babies, and they all have jacked up teeth. And crack head eyes. I dont care what you say, babies are NOT supposed to look like that.

Dont waste your $ or time

Does not use the photos to upload. Generates random faces that look nothing like your photos.

So much fun!

Its awesome! Weve got so much fun with our family! Although some babies are not much convincing, overall they are very cute!

Just dont do it

They babies look like crazy crack babies. Their teeth are all jacked up and not cute at all.

If i could do no stars i would

Terrible! I liked it better when the website was available on the was way better and accurate as well. now when i go to it it takes me to this stupid app that is a waste of time and money. A bunch of random faces

Worst app ever

Waste of time and a dollar. Me and my partner both have black hair and every time some random baby with blonde hair and a beaver face was generated. This app doesnt work and it may possibly be the biggest piece of crap app Ive ever had the displeasure of using.


Very poor app. Quality is horrible. Looks nothing like either photo loaded. Waste of my money. Shouldve listened to the reviews.


I cant believe i wasted .99cents on this worthless app. The outcome looks nothing at all like the imput parent pictures. What a waste!

Awful results

First, I tested for a girl, since I have a little girl. Looked absolutely nothing like her, except for some distinct forehead resemblance. To make it worse, they produced a rather ugly child. My daughter is gorgeous (and Im not just saying that as her mom). Quite frankly, most kids are cute. Their renderings were plain ugly, even though I used two of our really good photos for it. Bottom line: crappy app.


"Babies" look nothing like either picture. Dont waste your time or money on this one.



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